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HI! We are four women from Bozeman who come from all different walks of life. We have been our own 'mastermind' MUSE group for over a year; and in our collaborations, we've dreamed of sharing what we do and the impact it has had in our individual lives with the community of Bozeman. To us, our MUSE group is a deeply woven and connected sisterhood designed to support one another in spirituality, business, parenting, entrepreneurship and the overall delicate balance of life.

Join us for our first ever retreat to learn some of the tools we have spent decades cultivating and refining. It is our goal to continue connecting and empowering women of all walks to create a ripple effect of gratitude, love and support in and amongst our community. Won't you join us?



Meet the MUSE gals!



Naturopathic Doctor, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Dr. Alisun Bonville has a passion for helping women feel healthy and empowered.  She is the owner and founder of Spring Integrative Health, a holistic medical clinic where she assists women of all ages to find hormonal equilibrium. By combining conventional science with traditional wisdom, Alisun believes that health does not come in a bottle but from within yourself! In her free time, she can be found in nature with her husband and two sons or teaching a Kundalini yoga class.


Author, Business Owner and Crystal Healer

Shannon has been practicing with crystals and Transcendental Meditation techniques for over a decade. A certified Crystal Healer through Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, she shares crystal healing insight to increase the overall meditation experience. She is currently working on her first inspirational memoir, White Flag, a spiritual journey through the landscape of pain and infertility. Outside of her healing work, she has a great passion for stock dog herding, traveling, music and everything outdoors!



Founder of Glo Luxury Oils, Author or Skinside Out

 Megan is an author and founder of glō Luxury Oils with a masters degree in Holistic Nutrition. It is her life’s pursuit to educate and inspire women to raise their energetic vibration through food, self-care rituals, and intentional human connection. When Megan is not formulating in her glō lab or leading workshops and retreats she can be found hiking or skiing the local trails or tooling around in her VW camper sourcing ingredients from organic farms and exploring the country with her husband. @glo_luxury_oils @glo_skinside_out


Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Instructor

Emily is a Clinical Holistic Nutrition Consultant and owner of NourishmintWellness and co-founder of DIYcleanse. Her passion is in empowering women in mindfulness through dietary and lifestyle practices. While she is a dancer at heart, she is also a certified yoga instructor and co-leads yoga teacher training programs in Idaho every summer. Emily feels called to supporting others through loss and grief as that is a deeply woven piece of her healing and her story. Emily is a cacao nibs addict, loves spending time in Montana's outdoors skiing and camping with her husband Gregg and little kiddos Daniel (6) and Scarlett (3) @nouishmintwellness @diycleanse