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Astrology what?!?

Why do we care about Astrology at MUSE? Good question, I am glad you asked!

The practice of astrology is very old, upwards of 5000-10,000 years old. It is safe to say humans have all been looking to the sky for answers for a very long time. Observing how the planets align with Earth, the Sun, and each other is an age-old past-time.

In the present day, astrology is viewed as a “pseudo-science” which means that it cannot be proven to be accurate by our modern-day research techniques. But, is it possible that our modern-day research methods are not adequate to explain how a complex solar-system interacts with a complex species?

What we do know is that  the alignment of the planets and other celestial bodies affect each other. Each larger planet, moon, star (the Sun), and asteroid has a magnetic field. These magnetic fields may extend for large distances outside of the planet/object into the solar system and space. When planets are in certain configuration (for example perpendicular and parallel, all based on detailed mathematical calculations) to one another, their magnetic fields influence the magnetic field and atmosphere (if present) of the other object. Science is very aware of this.

Humans and all living beings have a magnetic field. Each of our cells are little magnets, and your heart and brain generate magnetic fields that can be measured for medical purposes. A change in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by the Sun or other planets may affect your personal magnetic field. It is subtle, but well documented. These subtle changes can affect our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Astrology takes this one step further and states that each planet or celestial object has a defined effect on your magnetic field. For example, Mars, ruled by the god or war, may cause you to be more aggressive or angry. Mercury, ruled by the archetype of communication, may cause you to have issues with speech or how you are communicating with others. These are human constructs and subjective interpretations, made up by man. However, these effects have been studied, observed, and documented since the advent of astrology; that is for at least 5000 years.  This is the difference between “scientific data” and “empirical data,” which just means there is more than one way to study things….google it. :)

The take home is this: Astrology has a long track history. We know movement of the bodies in the solar system affect human beings, the how, is up to your interpretation.

AND…if we have an idea of what is happening with the solar magnetics, we can ride the wave instead of it riding us!

And that is why we love astrology at MUSE! Enjoy! 

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