• Shannon Weber

New Moon Ritual

The new moon marks the beginning of a moon cycle. Some call the dark moon the new moon and others call the first sliver of light, after the dark phase, the new moon. Either way, the new moon is a magical phase and perfect time to set new intentions, renew goals and manifest your dreams!

So how to set your intentions? With each new moon, we set our intentions by writing them in our intention journal. Then we choose our crystals to bring forth the energies to help support the intention. We like to work with Moonstone (to connect with our intuition), Labradorite (to connect with the magic of the new moon) Clear Quartz (for cleansing) and Indigo Gabbro (to connect into the seed planting energy).

Place your crystals around you in a circle. Burn Palo Santo or sage and smudge the space to clear and release any negative energy. Read your new moon intention out loud and then face each of the four directions as you repeat the following prayer. (Thanks to Hibiscus Moon for the prayer share!)

Spirit of the East, Great Spirit of Air, bring peace and inspire this circle.

Spirit of the South, Great Spirit of Fire, energize and protect this circle.

Sprit of the West, Great Spirit of Water, bring purity and cleanse this circle.

Spirit of the North, Great Spirit of Earth, ground and strengthen this circle.

Great Father Sky, guard this circle from above.

Great Mother Earth, nurture this circle from below.

Sit for a moment as you contemplate what you would like to cleanse and what you would like to bring in through your intention. Give thanks and then set your crystals for that month somewhere special in your sacred space.

Let the magic of the new moon do it’s work for you!

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