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Saturn energy is ready to get to work!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

When working with energy, we first need to understand what kind of energy we are working with. We do this by looking at the characteristics of that energy. Today we are looking at the transit energy of Saturn as the planet moves direct. 

Saturn is known as the Boss Planet, which highlights YOU as the THE BOSS of YOU. Saturn energy illuminates areas of your life that you need to take action on. Working with this energy asks you to look at the situation and own and take responsibility, work hard to get it done, make a decision, commit to it, set boundaries, then the hard part, be patient. This energy provides clarity to our lives and the vision to prioritize and protect what truly matters most to our well being. 

Saturn is associated with the Root Chakra. Located at the base of our spine, the Root Chakra’s energy is based in the Earth element, and its job is to support our sense of safety and security in our physical bodies. We cannot grow and change unless we feel safe and secure first! 

So the energy of Saturn is asking us to DO THE WORK. In order to transform, we must feel safe and in order to feel safe we must ground. Through grounding, we invite calm and when we are calm our vision clears. This ultimately brings stability and balance to our lives and who doesn’t want that??!!

My three favorite crystals to work with this energy are Tigers Eye, Smoky Quartz and Jet. 

  • Tigers Eye is bold, courageous and helps us achieve goals. This is a powerful stone to support decision making, unclouded by our emotions. (color: bands of golden yellow and black)

  • Smoky Quartz is grounding and carries Saturn characteristics of responsibility and stability. It helps us focus and showers us with a sense of calm as it balances our root chakra.  If you are holding onto anything of the past, this stone helps you let it go and move on from painful experiences.  (color: translucent brownish-gray)

  • Jet is a protective stone that helps release stress, anxiety and fear. It brings things to the surface, so get ready to deal! But it has absorbing qualities to aid in removing negative energies. (color: black)

To best work with this energy, here’s a quick meditation that combines the energy of Saturn, Earth and crystals. 

First let’s ground ourselves with Mother Earth! Find a nice comfy place outside and take your shoes off. Wiggle your toes into the ground and feel the grass and dirt beneath your feet. 

Choose your crystal and set your intention by whispering what you would like the energy of the crystal to help you with. If you would like more focus, ask for clarity and focus in your life. Then hold it in your left energy receiving hand. Begin to focus on that crystal’s healing properties and color and imagine the energy radiating from your left hand, up your arm and then feel it as it spreads throughout your body. 

Next focus on the energy of Saturn. Aligning ourselves with planetary energy is very powerful. We can do this by looking at an actual image of Saturn first to connect to its energy, then focus on its color of pale gold. While grounding and holding your crystal, begin to focus on Saturn’s image and with each inhale and exhale, imagine a beam of pale gold light coming out of Saturn and into your root chakra located at the base of your spine. Continue to do this for up to 5 minutes or more if you choose. 

This is a beautiful way to connect with the powerful energies of Saturn. You can imagine this beam of light connecting with your body all day, PLUS if you carry the crystal around in your pocket, you can keep the energy connection going and working just for you! Tap in and and enjoy the ride.

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