• Shannon Weber

So what's up with the Fall Equinox?

This year's equinox falls on Monday, September 23rd. This time is signaled as the aspens begin to change color, our summer flowerpots are exchanged with an array of earthy colored fall mums and the evening air is filled with a crisp cool breeze. It is a spiritual celebration to honor the change of the seasons...well hello Autumn! Today marks the Fall Equinox which calls for harmony in our lives as the light of day and dark of night dance in tune. This is an excellent time to focus on tweaking your intentions and manifestations you have been working on this whole year.

Winter is coming and asks us to rest and hibernate within. Autumn is about prepping and getting ready for this reflective and introspective period. So today, look back at your year and give thanks and gratitude for all of your hard work (YOU DESERVE IT!) as you turn inward and invite balance and harmony into your circle.

Spend time meditating on what you have accomplished in the past couple months, as well as through this year, and write out a list of what you are thankful for. Gratitude is so powerful and healing and raises our vibrations! Put that list somewhere that you can easily reflect on through the winter months. Let go of anything that no longer serves you. You can do this by writing it down and burning it with a candle. BOOM.

To best work with balancing the solar and lunar energies for today, we like to work with Sunstone (male and solar energies) and Moonstone (female and lunar energies) and Magnetite to align and balance those energies. Get outside for this one and hold the Moonstone in your left hand (which represents the feminine side of your body) and the Sunstone in your right hand (the male side of your body). Place the Magnetite at your Root Chakra (the base of your spine) to center and balance those energies. Breathe in and out slowly as you imagine the soothing energy of the Moonstone and the energizing buzz of Sunstone connect in a swirling pattern in the center of your heart. Sit with this connection for eleven minutes as they harmonize and balance energies within your center.

To recap how best to ride the energy of today, reflect on your accomplishments and give SO MUCH GRATITUDE, let go of energies you are done with and create new intentions for your next phase of growth. YOU got this. Let's DO THIS.

Happy Autumn!

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